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Christian Ministry in Australia Wins Appeal In Long Running Case

We have news on a case we have followed for a long time.
An Australian Christian ministry called “Catch the Fire Ministries” was charged a few years ago under a new Australian law (the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act ) aimed at creating tolerance. They had been charged with stirring up hatred and discord because they were holding seminars and telling Christians what was in the Quran. The case had been initiated by the Islamic Council of Victoria.
The Christian ministry’s appeal of an earlier judgment was thrown out yesterday after several years. The appeals court said that the earlier court decision was a bad decision and they ordered the Islamic Council to pay half the court costs of Catch the Fire Ministries. This is a wonderful development since the Muslim council was trying to set a precedent to keep Christians from exposing what was in the Quran.
Still, the case has been set back to VCAT (Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal) so stay tuned. If you want to read the judgement you can click here.