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ICC Note: This is a common pattern throughout the world whereever Muslims push for Sharia. They invariably say that Sharia will only be for Muslims and invariably it is forced on Christians.

New Target for Islamists in Iraq : Assyrian University Students

Mosul , Iraq (AINA) — An unidentified Islamic group placed flyers at the Student Union at Mosul University , the flyers contained messages directed at Assyrian (also known as Chaldean and Syriac) students and were placed in areas where Assyrian students congregate. Witnesses report that University security men observed the men placing the flyers but did not intervene.

The flyers warned the Christian Assyrian students that “in cases where non-Muslims do not conform to wearing the Hijab [head cover for women] and are not conservative with their attire in accordance with the Islamic way, the violators will have the Sharia and the Islamic Law applied to them.”

With kidnapping of Assyrian clergy now occurring on a wide scale, Assyrian Community leaders have expressed concern that targeting students is a new phase of harassment and intimidation of the Assyrian community by the Islamists.