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ICC Prayer Alert: Ethiopia

Pray for the Christian Church in Ethiopia . In the last six to eight months, a string of violent attacks against Christians has occurred all over the country.

May 2006 – Christian homes and businesses stoned in Jiiga , Ethiopia .

July 2006 – Christians attacked during worship in Henno , Ethiopia

October 2006 – Churches burned in Jimma , Ethiopia

October 2006 – Christians attacked, five people murdered, 15 seriously wounded in Beshasha , Ethiopia

This is not an exhaustive list of events this past year, but it shows that the attacks are not isolated, random events. Clearly, persecution against Christians in Ethiopia is increasing and they need to be covered in prayer. Now that the Union of Islamic Courts in Somalia is calling for a Holy War against Ethiopia , anti-Christian sentiment may continue to grow in Ethiopia , and perhaps other countries in the Horn of Africa.