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ICC NOTE: A Christian woman is punished severely for not wearing a headscarf in public in Khartoum . Part of the peace agreement signed in 2005 guaranteed that Christians would not be held to the standards of the Sharia law.

Islamic Extremists Whip Christian Woman

The Conservative Voice

November 29, 2006

Cecilia John Holland, 27, was slashed across her back for not wearing a headscarf in public in Khartoum , Sudan.

The country has come under the Sharia, the legalistic judicial system that uses the Koran for measuring “justice.” It’s Islam law for everyone, not just Muslims.

Holland was riding on a minibus at Badr Gardens , hoping to get home in Haj Yousif, a suburb. But she never made it there until she answered to extremists. A couple of cops halted the bus, dragging Holland from the vehicle. They caught her without a scarf on her head. It was 105 degrees F.

Holland was shoved into the police car, cops “striking her in the process.” There were four other females in the cruiser and “seven more had been arrested,” seemingly for not wearing headscarves. Holland spent the night in the jail cell, then was hauled off to the Islamic courthouse where cops testified against her.

She could not make any statement in court. She could not defend herself. She was accused of “standing near a garden at night” and not having a scarf on her head. She was accused also of not having a job. She did have job.

The judge pronounced Holland guilty. She was to endure 40 lashes with the whip, her back stripped. Then she was fined 10,000 dinars ($38) which was a third of her monthly salary.

In Sudan , two million persons have been slain. Four million persons have been displaced because of the on-going conflict instigated by extremist Muslims However, fascist Islamists have not been able to extinguish the growing Christian community.