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ICC Note: The joke is that Turkey is attempting to join the UN while severely limiting the rights of its minority Christians. These men were arrested becuase they were 1. Christians 2. Converts, and 3. because they were spreading the Gospel.
Turkey needs to enter the modern world and leave religious discrimination behind bdfore joining the EU.

Christian Begin Trial for Insulting Turkishness
Calgary Sun ISTANBUL — Two Turkish men who converted to Christianity went on trial Thursday for allegedly insulting “Turkishness,” and of inciting religious hatred against Islam, reports said.

The trial opened just days before a visit to Turkey by Roman Catholic Pope Benedict, during which the pontiff was expected to discuss improved religious rights for the country’s tiny Christian minority who complain of discrimination.

Hakan Tastan, 37, and Turan Topal, 46, are accused of making the insults and of inciting hate while allegedly trying to convert other Turks to Christianity.

The men were charged under Turkey’s notorious Article 301, which has been used to bring charges against dozens of intellectuals — including Nobel prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk.

The law has widely been condemned for severely limiting free expression.