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Missionary Dragged Away at Bus Stop

From Gospel for Asia
ANS (11/15/06) — As soon as Gospel for Asia missionary Jakson stepped off the bus, four men from a radical Hindu group grabbed him, taking him by force to a nearby paddy field. A barrage of questions were hurled at him about two local Christian young men. As a result of Jakson’s witness, they were planning to attend a GFA Bible college to prepare for mission service themselves.

Jakson’s attackers began to slap him, beat him and throw him to the ground. As they were beating him, a neighbor approached and pleaded with the men to stop.

The four men left, but not without issuing threats—they warned the GFA missionary that he and the believers of his church fellowship were not to meet for worship or engage in any kind of Christian activity. They then paid visits to the parents of the two young men planning to attend the GFA Bible college, warning them of death if they allowed their sons to follow through with their plans.

Jakson’s neighbor got him safely home and then went to a nearby city to call GFA’s leaders and inform them of the incident. Although not yet a Christian, this neighbor has been attending Jakson’s fellowship group.

The situation in Jakson’s village remains tense, and the beatings took a toll on his body.

GFA leaders are asking for prayer for Jakson and his family, as well as for those who oppose him.

“We pray that he will quickly regain full strength, and for protection for his family,” a Gospel for Asia field leader said. “And we pray that His work will go forth unhindered in this region.”

The leader also noted the courage and kindness of Jakson’s neighbor.

It is Jakson’s prayer that this neighbor will soon place his faith in Christ.