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Christian Police Official Robbed of Cash, Gold Ornaments

By Sheraz Khurram Khan
Special Correspondent for ASSIST News Service in Pakistan

ANS (11/08/06) – A Christian police official was robbed of cash, gold ornaments and other valuables on the night of October 25 in his village Clarka Abad in district Kasur, some 50 kilometers from the eastern city of Lahore, ANS has learnt.

According to a news release sent to ANS by the Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan (SLMP) the Sub-Inspector of Police, Nelson John, was in his native village Clarca Abad when some 14 unidentified robbers subjected him to alleged torture and plundered 66000 Pakistan Rupees (US$ 1100), gold ornaments, wrist watches, 4 cameras and mobile phones from his home.

Currently deployed at the Police Line Qila Gujar Singh Lahore, Nelson, a coach in the Police Sport School is said to be serving the Police department for 19 years.

The release said he was walking near his village home when some 14 armed men allegedly tortured him and forcibly entered his home.

“………..They also took my weapons with them. They took my brothers Anjum Sohail, 28, Azeem, 17, and me with them at gun point to a canal, outside the village. They tied us with ropes and fled away”, the SLMP quoted Nelson as saying.

The news release went on to say that the robbers hurled death threat to Nelson in case he informed the police.

Undeterred by the threat on his life, Nelson, the release said, phoned the police who, it said arrived within 20 minutes.

“The Police arranged a local detector at about 5:00 next morning. The detector followed the foot steps of the robbers and pointed at farmhouse of one Mohammad Hanif of the neighboring village.” it said.

“Nelson John, later, arranged sniffer dogs from army to detect the robbers; the dogs also guided the police to Mohammad Hanif’s house. Police arrested Mohammad Hanif and Mohammad Sikander in suspicion. Further investigation is underway”, it added.

The ministry said it in its news release that Nelson alleged that local Nazim was backing the culprits.

However, it said that Nelson expressed optimism that his being a police official the local police would conduct fair probe into the case and bring the culprits to book.

“Although, the robbers have looted all my savings but I do believe in living God, He will compensate me,” the SLMP quoted Nelson as saying.