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ICC Note: Although hanging is a fitting end for Saddam we would ask you to keep in prayer for the Christians in Iraq . Saddam’s death will be seen as carried out by the Shia’s with the Christians ( America ) help. It’s hard to believe that it could get worse for them but it could.

Saddam to hang by Christmas

By Cyril Dixon
For the full story, go to the Daily Express. IRAQI tyrant Saddam Hussein, who was sentenced to death yesterday, could face the hangman in as little as three weeks. The former dictator’s sentence could be carried out before Christmas – if not earlier – despite plans for an appeal.
Even if his lawyers manage to delay justice, his execution for crimes against humanity is expected to be carried out by early next year. News of his sentence sparked rowdy celebrations in his own country and a wave of jubilation across the globe.
US President George Bush said the Iraqi people had finally gained justice for their suffering at the hands of Saddam Hussein. Speaking in Texas , he said: “This judgment is a major milestone in Iraq ’s efforts to replace the rule of a tyrant with the rule of law. The Iraqi victims of this regime have received a measure of justice that they thought would never come.”
Yesterday’s historic judgment was announced in the courtroom within Baghdad ’s high-security Green Zone, where the 69-year-old fanatic has stood trial for the last year. Along with seven henchmen, Saddam, a Sunni Muslim, was charged with crimes against humanity for his part in murdering 148 Shia Muslims in the town of Dujail , 24 years ago.
Called into the televised hearing for the last time, Saddam, dressed in a dark suit and white open-neck shirt and carrying a copy of the Koran, looked furious at the verdict.
Shaking as Judge Rauf Abdel Rahman read it out, he yelled “Allahu akbar!” or “God is great” and “Long live Iraq ! Long live the Iraqi people! Down with the traitors!”
He furiously denounced the court, the judge and the US-led coalition which overthrew him three years ago. After reading the verdict, Judge Rahman told court officials curtly: “Take him out.”