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ICC Note: Here is an update on the situation in Indonesia and some possible conflicts to expect

Indonesian Government May Stop Protecting Christians from Muslim Terrorists

10/31/06 Indonesia (The Jawa Report) Stan reminds us that it was one year ago that a mob of Muslim fanatics attacked some girls on their way to a Christian school and beheaded them.

Here is what Stan writes:

The situation is getting more tense in Poso. Islamic militants are protesting against the Mobile Brigade’s presence in Poso and clashed with police last week when police went searching for weapons and terrorists. A mob of 300 militants went on the rampage, burning houses and vehicles in protest of the police searches and then attacked the police with molotov cocktails, rocks, explosives and guns. The police responded in self-defense, injuring two and killing one militant.

The militant protesters, led by Adnan Arsal of the Islamic Struggle Brotherhood Forum of Poso (with ties to Jemaah Islamiyah and Al-Qaeda, and with at least one member of Adnan’s pesantren involved with the beheadings of the three school girls) and Sugiyanto Kaimudi of the Islamic Defenders Front (paramilitary Indonesian terrorists with ties to Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, JI, Laskar Jihad, MMI and Abu Bakr Ba’asyir) have threatened to paralyze Poso’s markets and businesses, local government and disrupt people’s daily lives until Brimob (Mobile Brigade) is removed. These protests and attacks may also be to distract police from looking for Rev. Irianto’s killer and the terrorist’s weapon caches.

After meetings with Vice-President Yusuf Kalla by the Islamic leaders and Christian leaders, there are signs that the government is going to appease the militants and remove Brimob. This is not what the Christian leaders want as it is Brimob that is protecting Christians from more Islamic attacks. Why the government is even dealing with these militants is suspect in itself. Is the SBY government involved with the restart of the conflict? I believe that the militants have been rebuilding a militia to try to retake all political posts held by Christians in Central Sulawesi . This militia containing members from the two previously mentioned groups also wants to drive the remaining Christians out of the area and finish the conflict which they see as unfinished. Look for local Christian politicians to be assassinated next. After speaking to Muslims in the area and noticing their body language and mannerism when answering questions about recent bombings and violence, I believe the Muslims know who the terrorists are and are keeping quiet, in fear of being branded traitors and killed by the terrorists.

The thing I worry about the most is that Christians are now unarmed as they have handed in all their weapons to the military and the terrorists seem to be re-arming in preparation for war. If the two militant groups are taken out of the equation in Poso then there will be peace for locals. If not, then we will prepare for the conflict to start again.

The Jawa Report