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Wife of Christian Missionary Found Murdered in Pakistan

ICC Note:

This incredibly sad news compounds the loss we feel for the Mehaboob family, who have now all been killed for their witness among Muslims except the two youngest girls.

MensNewsDaily (10/29/06) – Azad Kashmir ( Pakistan ) – The body of Dr. Paulin Mehabooba, the wife of Dr. Mehaboob of At Anycost Jesus Mission, has been found in the Neelum river near Ratti Gali pass. Mrs. Mehaboob was 37-years old.

The body of her husband had been previously discovered in the same area on October 18, 2006. The burnt bodies of their children, Shalom (15), and Sharon (14), were found in September.

Members of the Mission said the bodies recovered from the river were extremely decomposed. They also expressed fear that burial rites for the murdered parents would be disrupted by Islamic militants.

There is no news about Sherin (11) and Shelvin (7), the remaining daughters of Mehaboob family.

Habel, the co-ordinator of the At Anycost Jesus Mission in Pakistan , is now in hiding.