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ICC Note: We must keep Xia Lingzhi in our prayers because if she is put in a harsh environment she might die due to her illness.

Xinjiang: Pastor and 35 unofficial Christians arrested

10/27/06 China (AsiaNews) – The authorities of the northern province of Xinjiang yesterday arrested a Korean-born Protestant pastor and 35 unofficial Christians of Yongfeng who had gathered for bible study. This was reported by the China Aid Association (CAA), a US-based non-governmental organization lobbying for religious freedom in China .

The police raided ‘Mountain Villa’ in Qilin, a suburb of the provincial capital, Uramqi, when some Christians were attending a bible training program by a Korean pastor from America . During the raid, the police confiscated bibles and “other Christian material”. The detainees are being kept in an unknown location.

CAA said the names of some of the arrested were Zhou Li, Xia Lingzhi, Bao Lin, Ren Baolan, Feng Yan, Hu Ying, adding that the first two had already been arrested and fined last year “for attending a Christian service”.

The association said: “Xia Lingzhi is 66 years old. She suffers from coronary heart disease and high blood pressure and thus should not be detained again as her life would be at risk

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