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Afghan Kidnappers ‘Want Convert’

ICC Note:

Radical Islam knows no boundaries in its pursuit of the death penalty for “apostate” Abdul Rahman, who converted to Christianity in Afghanistan and is now in hiding in Italy . Muslims have kidnapped one of their own, an Italian Muslim, and will only release him if Rahman returns to Afghanistan . Even being a Muslim does not protect you from the wrath of radical Islam.

BBC (10/18/06) – The kidnappers of an Italian journalist in Afghanistan have offered to free him in exchange for a Christian convert who fled the country, an aid agency says.

Photojournalist Gabriele Torsello was seized last week while travelling on a bus in southern Afghanistan .

The kidnappers will free Mr Torsello, a Muslim convert, if Abdul Rahman returns from Italy where he was granted asylum earlier this year, the aid agency says.

Mr Rahman had escaped a possible death sentence for becoming a Christian.

He had been charged with rejecting Islam and released this March after being deemed mentally unfit to stand trial on a charge of apostasy.

‘Not a spy’

Mr Torsello’s kidnappers placed their demand in a phone call to the head of security at a hospital in southern Afghanistan run by Italian aid agency Emergency, said the Italian-based PeaceReporter website which is linked to the agency.

The kidnappers demanded the exchange of the two men should take place before the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which falls early next week, the website added.

The foreign ministry in Rome has not commented on the demands, but an Italian politician who helped obtain asylum for Abdul Rahman ruled out any exchange.

“It is not a demand that a decent human being would ever consider,” the politician, Rocco Buttiglione, told the BBC.

“We are not ready to offer one human life for another human life… It is barbarian, inhuman, and it grinds against any accepted convention on human rights.”…[Go To Full Story]