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Hindu Fanatics Destroy Christian School and Shelter for Women in Varanasi District

Evangelical Fellowship of India (10/10/06) – Hindu fanatics destroyed a Christian school for poor children and a shelter for widows in Danupura village, Varanasi district in Uttar Pradesh on October 8, 2006. The school and shelter are run by an American Christian couple who are accused of forced conversions. According to a report by AsiaNews, hundreds of Hindu fanatics looted the buildings and took as many items they could carry.

The charges against the couple are made by former employees who had swindled money from the couple. They, along with local Hindu leaders have accused the couple of converting Dalit children and elderly people. A police report has also been filed against the shelter by the village council and Hindu leaders from that area.

Another reason for the attack might have been the land where the buildings are situated. A local Catholic priest, Fr Anand told AsiaNews, “The way things happened clearly shows some villagers were eyeing the land and so created false accusations to send the Americans away.”

Pray that justice would be done regarding the attack on these buildings and also that there would be no further false accusations in regard to the land where the buildings are situated. Pray for the protection of the American couple as well as the children and women under their care.

Express your concerns to the police in Varanasi :

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Director General of Police, UP

Ashutosh Pandey Shri Bua Singh

Office: (0542) 250-2644 Office: (0522) 2206-104

Mobile : 94159-02160