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A Note From the President of ICC regarding the upcoming International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

(ICC’s IDOP Prayer Bulletin)
Let me start by saying thank you for caring for your persecuted brothers and sisters.
Your care for the persecuted makes you a minority among Christians. The sad truth is that most Christians are not aware of the suffering of the body of Christ. Just being on this website means that you are aware of and active in the fight against perseuction on some level.

The biggest problem we face in fighting persecution is the Church Body’s lack of knowledge about the suffering of their brothers and sisters.

That’s where the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (held the second Sunday in November) comes in. It is a day set up for congregations to pray for their persecuted family. It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce other believers in the body of Christ to our shared concern.

There are several resources ICC provides to churches to help pastors and congregations become better informed about persecution.
The first is our 8 page prayer bulletin insert to be used in a church service. These prayer bulletin inserts make the average Christian more aware of what is happening to their brothers and sisters around the world and ask them to pray.
It is a great introduction to the subject of persecution. We would suggest that you order them for your Church (with your Pastor’s blessing) or get your church to order them for IDOP Sunday in November or for any day devoted to the persecuted (they have no date so they can be used at any time).
Click Here to go to our prayer bulletin page.

Thanks For All Your Care
Jeff King
President, ICC