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ICC Note: Tensions in Indonesia are still high after the execution of the 3 Christian men

Muslims dragged a Christian man from a bus and stabbed him,
10/1/06 Indonesia (NDTV) The incident took place as religious tensions continued to rise in central Indonesia following the executions of three Roman Catholic militants.
The victim was hospitalized in serious condition with back wounds, said Yeni, a nurse.
About 20 men wearing black masks blocked a road in Poso town on Sulawesi island, the main battleground of fighting between Muslims and Christians from 1998 to 2002 that left about 1,000 people from both faiths dead.
The men stopped a bus and forced five passengers to get out, intimidating them and stabbing one before police arrived, said a witness.
Human rights groups allege their trial was unfair, and have questioned whether religion played a role in the sentencing.
Few Muslims were punished for the four years of unrest and none to more than 15 years in prison.
In Poso, unidentified people detonated two small bombs that caused no injuries or damage.
Soon after, a Muslim mob set fire to a partially constructed church in the Muslim-dominated town, said police Captain Wayan.

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