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Victimized Christians Deserve Apology

ICC Note:

This letter to the Chicago Sun-Times is absolutely right in calling on Muslims to stop demanding an apology from the Pope until they are willing to apologize for their persecution of Christians. Is Islam capable of doing so?

By Joan Solms, Aurora

Chicago Sun-Times (09/28/06) – The Islamic world is going about protesting Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks in the wrong way. Burning churches and killing nuns will only aid those intent on controlling your nations. Those who opposed the war, like myself, are not converted by the shows of violence against Catholics. It just adds further to the growing evidence that Islam is not a religion of peace.

I do not believe Pope Benedict should apologize until we hear expressions of regret from the Shiite clerics — not only for the destruction of the many Christian churches torched by their followers in the last 50 years, but also for the current persecution, imprisonment and death of our members merely for adhering to their religious beliefs…[Go To Full Story]