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ICC NOTE: Another attempt to bury the truth in North africa – Egypt rarely bans mainstream European media. The Egyptian government will do everything it can to limit criticism of Islam.

Egypt bans European papers for comments on Islam

September 24 2006

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Egypt has banned editions of two French and German newspapers, because of articles deemed insulting to Islam.

Under a decree issued by Information Minister Anas el-Feki, the two editions will not be able to enter the country, it said.

“They published articles which disparaged Islam and claimed that the Islamic religion was spread by the sword and that the prophet … was the prophet of evil,” it added.

The edition of the German newspaper, dated September 16, contains an article by German historian Egon Flaig looking at how the Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam, was a successful military leader during his lifetime.

Flaig presents other arguments supporting the view that Islam has had a violent history.

The Egyptian agency said: “The minister of information said that he would not allow any publication that insults the Islamic religion or calls for hatred or contempt of any religion to be distributed inside Egypt .”