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Persecution Doesn’t Dissuade Family

Family Excommunicated, Stands Strong for Christ

From Gospel for Asia


ANS (09/20/06) – Even being excommunicated from their village for their Christian faith has not stopped Immanuvel’s family from standing strong in the Lord. Like others in their Central India village, Immanuvel, his wife and four children once worshipped many gods. But when a Christian pastor visited their home one day, they heard the Gospel for the first time. That same day, each family member chose to receive Christ and follow Him.

Their decision would cost them. Once others in the village heard of their salvation, they began to verbally harass them and stir up trouble. The opposition grew worse once Immanuvel’s daughter, Amija, decided to enroll in a Gospel for Asia Bible college for ministry training.

“Take her out of the Bible college and bring her home, or forget about her forever,” the village chief warned. But Immanuvel bravely answered that he would forsake neither his daughter nor his Jesus.

Enraged at this reply, the village chief soon excommunicated Immanuvel’s family from the village. All villagers were banned from talking to the family, and if anyone did, they would be charged a fine of 5,000 rupees. In shame-driven Indian culture, this was no small insult. But Immanuvel and his family had already counted the cost and expressed a willingness to face any consequence for Jesus’ sake.

Even when urged by some in the village to deny the name of Christ so they could rejoin their society, they refused. They even started visiting surrounding villages to share the Gospel message. And today, Amija is in her third year at the GFA Bible college.

GFA field leaders ask for your prayers for this family, that they will remain strong in their faith and that God will use them for the salvation of many—even this village chief.