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Missionaries Praise God in Myanmar Prison

From Gospel for Asia

ANS (09/14/06) – Recently, three Gospel for Asia native missionaries serving in Myanmar ( Burma ) were arrested and thrown into prison.

Despite mounting opposition, the three men had been serving the Lord in a tribal region of western Myanmar —preaching in open-air meetings, visiting door to door and praying for the sick. But one morning, as the three traveled together to attend an annual GFA church meeting, they were arrested and locked behind bars.

In prison, water and food rations were cut short for the three prisoners. Although hungry, thirsty and uncomfortable, the believers did not get discouraged. Rather, they took advantage of the time to pray and worship the Lord.

“Their hearts were filled with gratitude toward God for counting them worthy to suffer for His name,” reported a GFA correspondent. “They spent their time in prison singing and praising God.”

“Though the officials stopped them from attending the meeting,” wrote the correspondent, “they could not stop our missionaries from worshipping the Lord.”

The prison guards and administrators were surprised and shocked to see men rejoicing in the confines of their prison cells. The guards were also impressed by the good conduct and exemplary behavior of the three Christian prisoners.

Six days following the arrests, after asking the believers for forgiveness for the unjust imprisonments, officials released the missionaries. And as the believers stepped out into freedom, they again praised God—for their stay in the prison and for His timely help in their release.

“Through this experience, these missionaries are really encouraged spiritually,” writes the field correspondent. “Their zeal for the Lord’s work has increased.”