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Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad says he spoke to kidnapped priest 7 days ago

For the full story, go to Intl. Hearld Tribune. The Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad said Saturday he had spoken on the phone with a priest who was kidnapped earlier this month in the Iraqi capital, who told him a week ago that he was well but still in the hands of his captors.

Patriarch Emmanuel Delly told the Italian missionary news agency MISNA, however, that the kidnappers had assured him at the end of his conversation last Saturday that they would release the priest immediately, but he had heard nothing since.

“We’ve been waiting for him for seven days, but still nothing,” Delly said. “It’s been exactly a week since I had any news. Let’s hope they will let him go as soon as possible, and let’s hope they won’t kill him.”

Christians make up just 3 percent of Iraq ‘s 26 million people. The major Christian groups include Chaldean-Assyrians and Armenians, with small numbers of Roman Catholics.