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Christian Pakistani Teen Escapes Death

ICC Note:

Girl who converted to Christianity swam into hiding after her uncle attempted to push her into the path of an extremely poisonous black cobra. ( 08/30/06) – A Pakistani teen who embraced Christianity has escaped death at the hands of her family, who unsuccessfully demanded she recant her faith, an international ministry group says.

Voice of the Martyrs said the girl, identified only as Diana, now is in hiding for her life.

She grew up in a strict Islamic family in Pakistan , the group said, and her life was “typical” until she met a girl named Mary who was a Christian, and Diana decided to embrace the faith.

“When Diana’s family learned that she had become a Christian, they repeatedly beat her and insisted she return to Islam,” the organization, which ministers to the persecuted Christian church worldwide, said.

“But Diana refused. She was then forced to a local canal where her uncle put a pistol to her head and gave her one last chance to return to Islam. Diana replied, ‘You can kill me if you want. I will not leave Christ,'” VOM confirmed.

“It was then,” VOM said, “that Diana’s uncle noticed an extremely poisonous black cobra swimming in the canal. Believing he could escape any prosecution for his niece’s death, he threw her into the path of the cobra.”

Miraculously, Diana, who could not swim, escaped and went into hiding, VOM said.

“She recently told Voice of the Martyrs, ‘Jesus was crucified for us. Can we not endure some of the same for Him?”