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ICC NOTE: This is not teaching from an “extreme” Islamic sect, but from the Egyptian Ministry of Relgious Endowment which is teaching children the virtue of being a martyr, and the virtue of punishing the infidels, namely the Jews..

July 6, 2006 No.1197

Egyptian Government Preacher Incites Children to Martyrdom

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Egyptian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Nassar is a preacher for the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowment and hosts children’s shows on Egypt ‘s Al-Nas TV. In two recent Al-Nas programs on June 15, 2006


Sheikh Nassar told a group of children about little Sa’id, who yearned for and attained martyrdom, and about Allah’s punishment of the infidels.

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Sharaf Al-Din also hosted a children’s program, which aired on Al-Nas TV on June 21, 2006. In it, he told of a Jewish woman’s attempt to poison the Prophet Muhammad, saying, “The Jews are the people of treachery and betrayal […] We want mothers who teach their sons jihad, the love of Allah, and His Messenger, [and] sacrifice for the sake of Islam” (TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT: ).

The following are excerpts from the programs:

Sheikh Muhammad Nassar on Child Martyrdom and Allah’s Punishment of Infidels

Sheikh Muhammad Nassar (June 15): “Let’s listen to a very beautiful story to learn about the courage of a child, and how, when a child is brought up in a good home, and receives proper education in faith, he loves martyrdom, which becomes like an instinct for him. He can never give it up.

“This story, my friends, is a beautiful story. Abu Qudama was the commander of the army of the Muslims, when they fought the Byzantines. The Byzantines had a very, very large army, whereas the Muslims did not have many fighters. So Abu Qudama walked down the alleys and streets, among the poor, calling: ‘Come join the jihad come join the jihad.’


“A woman said to him: ‘Abu Qudama, I have a boy. I will give him to you. Take him with you to war.’ He asked: ‘Is he still a boy?’ She said: ‘He is 15 years old, and his father was martyred in the previous war. Since his father’s martyrdom, he sits day and night, praying that Allah grant him martyrdom.’

“Abu Qudama was amazed: What is this? Is it conceivable that a boy, ever since the death of his father, instead of being sad about losing his father, is happy about his father’s martyrdom, and moreover, he wants to be martyred like his father? Allah be praised.

“He said to her: ‘Bring me the boy.’ When the boy came, and asked him: ‘What’s your name?’ and the boy answered: ‘Sa’id.’ He said: ‘Son, your mother said that you want to join me in war. Tell me, son, did your mother make you come here, or do you really want to be martyred?’ He said: ‘By Allah, the only thing I have wished for, since my father’s martyrdom, is to become a martyr.'”


“A little later, he drew his last breath. Sa’id, the 15-year-old child, was martyred for the sake of Allah. He died happy.

“My friends, when a martyr dies, his clothes serve as his shrouds. They shroud him in his clothes, and they do not wash him, because he is washed by the angels.

“So they brought Sa’id, all wrapped in his clothes, dripping with the blood of martyrdom. Blood was flowing from his wounds. They dug a small ditch in the ground like a grave, and they put Sa’id in it, and covered it with earth. Then they began to walk away.

“All of a sudden, the grave shuddered, and they were frightened. What happened? The grave shuddered and ejected Sa’id. They said: ‘Allah be praised, what’s going on?’ The corpse got out of the grave all by itself. They were amazed, and said: ‘Allah be praised.’ Abu Qudama said to them: ‘Wait just a moment. Let’s try again. How can we possibly leave this corpse like this?’ So they put him into the ground once again, and covered him with earth.

Sheikh Muhammad Sharaf Al-Din on “the Jews, the People of Treachery and Betrayal”

Muhammad Sharaf Al-Din: “A Jewish woman invited the Prophet Muhammad to a meal. Why? Because she was clever. She said that if he was truly a prophet, he would know [the food was poisoned], and we would know he is a prophet. But if his claim to be a prophet was false, he would die, and we would be rid of him. She knew the Prophet liked the right leg of a lamb. The Prophet liked the right leg from the front. She put poison inside. After the lamb had been slaughtered, skinned, cut, and cooked, she put poison in the meat of the leg she knew the Prophet liked.

“Muhammad likes to eat from the leg, someone else may like to eat from the liver, another may like to eat from the head, and another may like to eat from the tongue of the slaughtered animal. People like to eat different kinds of meat. The Jewish woman was told that the Prophet liked to eat the right leg, so she brought one and put poison in it.


“Ruqaya, what did you learn from today’s show?”

Voice of Ruqaya: “I learned that the Jews are the people of treachery and betrayal…”

Muhammad Sharaf Al-Din: “Allah Akbar! Say Allah Akbar! What did Ruqiya say? The Jews are the people of treachery and betrayal. May Allah give you success. We want mothers who teach their sons jihad, the love of Allah and His Messenger, sacrifice for the sake of Islam, and love for the countries of the Muslims. Loving the country of the Muslims. May Allah bless you, Ruqaya. That is the most beautiful thing I have heard – that the Jews are the people of treachery, betrayal, and vileness.”