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Afghanistan to Build “Pure Islamic Education System”

ICC Note:

Afghanistan ’s move to establish Islamic boarding schools throughout the country has Saudi fingerprints all over it. It is because of Saudi funding that extremist Muslim boarding schools have been popping up around the world, especially in places like Indonesia and Bangladesh , causing fresh persecution against Christians wherever they appear.

RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY (08/25/06) – Afghan Education Minister Hanif Atmar said on August 23 that his ministry plans to establish religious schools in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan for those students who wish to acquire religious education, Kabul-based Tolu Television reported on August 23. Atmar made the statement while laying the foundation stone of a religious boarding school (madrasah) in Kabul Province ‘s Bagram district. “We will build a pure Islamic education system in our country,” Atmar said. He added that once the estimated $30 million project is completed, there will be no need for Afghans to seek Islamic education abroad. The madrasah in Bagram will accommodate 450 students. Most former Taliban and neo-Taliban leaders, as well as a large number of their recruits, come from madrasahs in Pakistan . The attempt by Kabul to establish indigenous religious schools, if successful, could mark a major step toward taking charge of the country’s religious-education system, which currently is the domain of opponents and is largely foreign-based. AT