Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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— Iran ‘s saber rattling is making many Iranians nervous, which provides opportunities for ministry. Sat 7, Christian satellite television for the Middle East and North Africa, is beaming programming into Iran . SAT-7’s David Harder says, with uneasy feelings about their government and 27-percent unemployment, young people want answers. “Many of them are very discouraged and upset about the future. And, so many of them fall into hopelessness and despair and there’s a huge amount of drug abuse and usage in Iran .
So, they’re looking. And, we know that there are many, many who are coming to Christ. Since Iranians tie Christianity to western immorality, Iranian nationals are needed to change the stigma. “When they actually see the beliefs of Christians presented by people in their own language, who live in their country, that makes it that much more effective and people are coming to the Lord in great numbers.” Funding is needed to produce quality programming to attract even more viewers.