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Still No Word on Fate of Men Facing Execution

The Indonesian government has still not given any word on the fate of three Christian men facing execution for being the supposed masterminds of the Poso conflict. When Christians found out about the original execution date there was a massive world outcry and the executions were delayed for one week. However, the government claimed that the delay was to prepare for Indonesia ’s Independence Day, not because of the flood of phone calls from Christians all over the world.

Several inconsistencies have come up in the case against these men. For example, there have been several Muslim witnesses that have come forward claiming that Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva, and Marinus Riwu were not even involved in the fighting but rather provided aid for those in need. Currently their appeal calls for a complete review of the evidence and a review of the whole legal process that led to the death penalty conviction in the first place.

It is widely perceived that the fate of the Christians is tied to the fate of the Muslim Bali Bombers. The delay of the Muslims’ execution came soon after the announcement of the delay of the Christian men’s execution. It is a possibility that this is merely a political game for the government, attempting to make the situation look fair and just by convicting three Muslims as well as three Christians. We may never really know the answer to that question but what we do know is that the Indonesian government has refused to call off the executions completely, but it has delayed them indefinitely.