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Christian Orphanage Attacked by Buddhist Monks

ICC (08/06/06) – The Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) Children’s Home at Balana was attacked by a mob who planted a Buddhist flag on the roof. The house parents were threatened with death.

This attack came after posters were put up, demanding that the Church must cease renovation work on the building. The Church was carrying out repairs to reopen the Home for orphans. A mob of about 200 people with 3 Buddhist monks entered the premises by force and assaulted workers. Stones were thrown at the Home, breaking roofing tiles. The rainwater gutters were broken and pulled down. A Buddhist flag was hoisted on the roof. The fence around the property was completely destroyed. This was the third time the fence was broken.

In addition to the damage caused to the property, the DRC ministry workers and the house parents who residing on the premises were threatened. The mob threatened the house parents that if they do not leave the premises, they will be burned alive. On Sunday night, the house parents left the Childrens home in fear.

A Police entry was made.

It is imperative that the Sri Lankan Government take immediate action to prevent such acts of violence and intimidation of Christian citizens.

NOTE: The Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) is one of the oldest Christian Denominations in Sri Lanka , with a history of over 300 years. The Home was originally established in 1982 and is built on land belonging to the Church. The DRC has obtained permission from the Social Services Department to re-open the Home.