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Dear Ambassador,
May I and my colleagues add our voices to the voices of many others who are pleading for a stay of execution for the three Christian men: Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva and Marinus Riwu. We are deeply disturbed to hear that they are under sentence of execution to be carried out on August 11.
I am aware that you have already kindly written to me about these cases. However, I am also aware, as I am sure you are equally aware, of the international concern which this impending execution has aroused. I also understand that concern has been expressed, not only by representatives of the Christian churches, but also by Muslims.
Having visited Poso myself in the aftermath of the conflict, I naturally appreciate the gravity of the situation and the seriousness of the violence, which was carried out by many members of different communities. It would appear prima facie a case of particular concern if the ultimate penalty of death were to be applied to these three men when many others must also have been culpable of comparable violence. Concern has also been expressed over some of the details of the case and I know that many colleagues would urge the Indonesian authorities to adopt a position of clemency in these circumstances.
I do hope and pray that there will be a stay of execution and reconsideration of the appropriateness of the death penalty.
I apologize for troubling you again. I hope you will understand that this is not only a matter of great anxiety for the plight of these three convicted men and their families, but also a matter of grave international concern for human rights, justice and due process.
Yours sincerely,

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