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ICC Note: The Chinese government has expanded its persecution of Christians to the Chinese National Church as well. This does not bode well for Christians in China because it implies that the government feels threatened by Christianity in general, rather than just a problem with organizations that are not state-run. Please continue to keep the safety and freedom to worship of Christians in China in your prayers.

Government Intervenes into a Three-Self Church in Shanxi Province , Pastor Evicted

CAA (8/9/06) – CAA learned that a pastor in the Three-Self Church in Pinglu County , Shanxi Province was prohibited from preaching and forced to leave the church by the Religious Affairs Bureau.

The Pinglu Church invited a Hongkong based American Pastor Dennis Balcombe ( Chinese name Bao Dening) to visit the church, who is strongly opposed by the local Religious Affairs Bureau. Pastor Dennis Balcombe was born in the United States and is an active missionary in Asia . He contributed a great deal to the charismatic revival in Henan Province in the mid 1980s. He is now senior pastor of Revival Christian Church in Hong Kong .

According to the reliable source, Zhang Lianjie, the head of Pinglu Religious Affairs Bureau and Sun Tianfang, an officer from the same department, came to Pinglu church the morning of July 6, 2006 to investigate the issue. They came to the church again that evening, to force Pastor Hu Qinghua make a phone call to cancel the invitation. Their request was refused by Pastor Hu.

The evening of July 7, 2006, Zhang came to the church secretly, watching the service and listening to Pastor Hu preach but was discovered.

July 8th Zhang appeared in the church again, trying to find fault with Pastor Hu’s message. He distorted Hu’s sermon and said that Pastor Hu had cursed brothers and sisters.

Zhang came to the church again July 9th. This time, he tried to dismiss the Bibl Classes and forbid the children to listen to Bible stories.

July 10th, a group of officials led by Zhang Lianjie, arrived at Pinglu Church in the early morning. The elders were compelled to retract their invitation to Pastor Bao Dening to Pinglu in front of the church that afternoon. The meeting was videotaped.

Zhang and some other officials from the local government came to Pinglu Church in the following days. In spite of the immense pressure, church activities continued. However July 13th, Zhang came to the church, threatened the congregation and prohibited Pastor Hu from preaching.

July 16th, Zhang, accompanied by 3 officials from the National Security Bureau, arrived at Pinglu Church to force the elders to drive Pastor Hu away. But because the elders stood together in defense of the truth and Pastor Hu, the government plan failed. However Pastor Hu was put under house arrest in the church by the officials.

July 24, 2006, Zhang Lianjie, came to the church again and announced that a meeting would be held the next morning to “discuss” Pastor Hu Qinghua’s leaving Pinlu, all the members of TSPM (Three-Self-Patriotic Movement) and CCC (Chinese Christianity Council) were to be at the meeting.

All the brothers and sisters in the church burst into tears and supplicated the almighty God to reverse the situation for them. Every Christian knew that Pinlu church need Pastor Hu, but they dared not oppose the government directly. The Christians in the Chinese National Church are relatively more conservative, they normally choose to keep silent and pray to God.

Zhang Lianjie arrived at the church in the early morning of July 25, 2006, but the meeting was cancelled because the number of Christians that came was less than a quorum. Zhang did not miss this chance to slander Pastor Hu by saying he “Shouted faction” and Pastor Bao Dening is “anti-China.” When some elders asked her for evidence, he had no reply…[Go To Full Story]