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ICC NOTE: Another church attacked by Egyptian officials; a church building that was legally permitted to existed by local authorities.

Egyptian Monastery Besieged by Police

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Egypt . Barnabas Fund has been contacted urgently by a partner in the Coptic Orthodox Church this morning with the urgent news that St Anthony’s Monastery on the Red Sea is under siege by the police at this very moment.

Some 200 – 300 police officers equipped with 14 bulldozers have closed and blockaded the roads outside the monastery, which is situated in a mountainous region of Egypt ‘s Red Sea coast. The police officers were acting on orders from the Red Sea Governorate based in Hurghada.

It would seem that prejudiced Muslim officials who are hostile to the Christian Church in Egypt are misusing and violating the law to attack this historic Coptic monastery which dates back to the fourth century.

The crisis has arisen because the local governorate claims the walls of the monastery have been constructed illegally and has issued the police with orders to destroy them. However, official permission to construct the walls was obtained in 1992 and they were built some 4 – 5 years ago.