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Hizballah Spreading War to Christian Villages ?
By Julie Stahl
July 31, 2006

(For the full story, go to CNS News) – Hizballah is trying to launch rockets from Christian villages in southern Lebanon , hoping to provoke an Israeli bombardment on Christian communities, a Lebanese source said.
Thousands of Lebanese reportedly were fleeing their homes in the south on Monday, taking advantage of a two-day lull in Israeli air strikes.
Some Christians have stayed in their southern Lebanese villages despite Israeli warnings to leave. Some believe they are safe from Israeli bombardment as long as they are not in areas where Hizballah is entrenched, said one Lebanese woman who asked not to be named.
But Hizballah has tried to enter those areas with portable rocket launchers and fire missiles from among the homes, hoping to provoke an Israeli response against the Christian villages, said the source who has relatives in southern Lebanon .
The Christians have chased the terrorists away, she said. Nevertheless, the Christians are reluctant to speak against Hizballah, fearing they’ll be accused of siding with Israel .
About 40 percent of the Lebanese population is Christian and another 40 percent is Shiite Muslim – the latter, likely supporters of Hizballah. The other 20 percent is Druze and Sunni Muslim, who are generally allied with the Christian community, taking an anti-Syrian and anti-Hizballah stand.
Christian, Druze and Sunni Muslim political leaders in Lebanon have spoken out against Hizballah and its leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.