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ICC Note: This survey records a frightening amount of Muslims that are ready and willing to use violence against those seen as threatening to Islam. The more Muslims give their support for certain Islamic teachings that support violence, the more Christians are in harms way.

Survey: Indonesians for religious violence

United Press International (7/28/06) — An Indonesian survey indicates more than 40 percent of people in the country are ready to use violence against those seen as threatening Islam.

The results of the survey by the Center for Islamic and Social Studies, or PPIM, showed 0.1 percent of respondents admitted participating in attacking Christian churches operating without official license, while 1.3 percent had used “intimidation” against those they believed blasphemed Islam.

“The percentage looks very small, but it is very high in its real figure when you note that 85 percent, or 200 million, of the country’s 230 million population are Muslims,” The Jakarta Post Friday quoted PPIM researcher Jajat Burhanudin as saying.

The study involved 1,200 subjects in 30 of Indonesia ‘s 33 provinces, and was conducted between 2001 and 2006.

According to the results, 43.5 percent were ready to wage war against threatening non-Muslims, 40 percent would use violence against blasphemers, while 14.7 percent said they would tear down churches without permits.

“This condition has helped terrorists easily recruit new comrades and makes the country a fertile ground for sectarian radiclism,” Burhanudin said.

He said a study on the reasons for the attitudes found that Islamic teachings and Islamicism contributed significantly to domestic and public violence in Indonesia , something which other scholars denied.

“The more Muslims give their support for certain Islamic teachings legitimizing the use of violence, the more violence will happen,” he said…[Go To Full Story]