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ICC Note: This article talks about how Islam is raging a holy war to wipe out the Jews. It is Islam’s goal to kill all the Jews and then kill all the Christians. A former Muslim from Iran gives us some insight on the perspective of Muslims and why it is important to talk to them about Jesus.

Former Muslim: Islam causes Middle East violence

7/20/2006 Islam (LimaNews)

Daniel Shayesteh knows firsthand of the fighting in the Middle East . And he said he knows why Hezbollah militia is fighting Israel from Lebanon . “Islam is not a peaceful religion,” Shayesteh said. “We see that Islam is fighting all nations. They blame America . The Quran is saying this.”

Shayesteh, was born in Iran and was a self-proclaimed militant Muslim. He helped Ayatollah Khomeini rise to power and force the Shah of Iran into exile in 1979.
“The current situation really is not the fighting of two groups of people. It’s the holy war of Islam against the Jews, and it stems from the pages of the Quran,” Shayesteh said. “The Quran is clearly written that Jews should be demolished, and tradition says there should not be a single Jew in Israel .”

“Unless we read the chapters of each others’ lives, a good relationship will not be possible in our society,” said Shayesteh, who became an Australian citizen in 1991. “Let us search for the truths together. Come out from your personal zone and research other religions. You pick the best one, and I guarantee you’ll come to Christ.”

If Shayesteh returns to Iran , he will be executed. His mother and brothers are still in Iran . The people in Iran cannot stand President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Shayesteh said. He said more than 95 percent of Iranians hate their government.
Iran fuels the fighting in Lebanon , and Shayesteh said Iran funds Hezbollah. “This Iranian president is a suicide bomber,” Shayesteh said. “He is just ready to die for Islam and demolish Israel .”

Muslim ideology is cloaked in violence because of the status of its creator, Muhammad, Shayesteh said. He said because the prophet fought in ancient wars, the Muslim holy book seeps with violence. Islam is the enemy of this country,” he said.

Shayesteh was heavily involved in the Iranian Fundamentalist Revolution and taught Islamic and religious philosophy in Iran . After Khomeini was in power, Shayesteh helped spread propaganda and gain support from other militant Muslims near his hometown of Talesh in northern Iran . His candidacy for the Islamic parliament forced Shayesteh to be on the run for the rest of his life.

When Shayesteh attended university in Iran , he deepened his militant Muslim ideologies. Iran was in political turmoil when Shayesteh aligned himself with Khomeini. “Anyone who followed Ayatollah Khomeini must be a radical Muslim,” Shayesteh said. “We were eager to overthrow the kingdom in Iran , and to do that you have to be a militant and radical Muslim.”

Khomeini put Shayesteh in charge of a revolutionary army that had a primary goal of killing all Jews in Israel and recapturing the Holy Land for Arabs. Shayesteh then began spreading propaganda and training young Muslims. “That was our main goal to mobilize all the boys and girls of the country and to teach them the terrorist actions,” Shayesteh said. “You have to terrorize Christians and Jews by frightening them. By killing them, you can take Islam to the countries and to the rest of the world. “Islam is a harsh religion. There is no why in Islam.”

However, when questions crept into his mind, Shayesteh wanted to discuss them in parliament. He was silenced, sentenced to death and thrown in jail for six months. A friend released him and he fled to Turkey in exile. “Islam does not believe in freedom and democracy. You have to blindly follow the leader,” Shayesteh said. “If you criticize Islam and Muhammad, your fingers should be chopped first and then your head.”

Once in Turkey , Shayesteh began visiting a Christian church that was harboring Iranian refugees. He only went there because there were people there in his situation. He was not interested in Christianity. “We as Muslims were always taught, ‘Do not touch Christians. They were impure,’” Shayesteh said.

He returned to the church week after week and grew interested in its message. Christians preaching respect of their enemies amazed Shayesteh. One night he had a dream and Jesus spoke to him, he said. He was in his father’s house. There were people dying around him, and he was scared to leave the house. The next week’s sermon spoke of what Shayesteh dreamed. “He said, ‘Come out of your father’s house, which is the house of killing, of revenge and of pain and live in the house that Jesus has built for you,’” he said. “It is a house of absolute joy, of freedom and peace.” Shayesteh has been spreading the word ever since.

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