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ICC note– Hindu fanaticism has no bounds as religious extremism escalates into southern parts of India, particularly Andhra pradesh. Hindu activists continue to dictate terms and persecute christians.

Hindu fanatics dictate Christians in Andhra Pradesh

By Dr George Karimalil

(AICC) 7/15/2006- “Don’t do this. Don’t do that. It’s a kind of anarchy where you are forced to comply with. You can’t protest. There’s no escape either. Believe it or not, it’s happening right in Andhra Pradesh, a State far ahead of others in terms of education and healthcare.”

About 20 activists of Bajrang Dal, a right-wing Hindu group, entered the office of the nursing superintendent of Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad and removed the picture of Christ hanging there on 19 may 2006. According to Hospital Superintendent Dr Chary, the police registered a case against the trespassers after the hospital management complained. But no arrests had been made so far. Nursing Superintendent Joan said, “Statues and portraits of Hindu gods and goddesses are placed at several locations in the hospital. In contrast, the only Christian image in the hospital was in the office of the nursing superintendent, which is not a public place.” [Go to Full Story]