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House Church Attacked, Christians Excluded from Community Group

ICC (07/12/06)

The Harvest International Church – Hapugastenne, Ratnapura District

1st July 2006 – At approximately 8 am, a mob attacked those living in the house which the Church had purchased in June 2006. Two young men (workers of the Church) were seriously injured. They were admitted to the Ratnapura hospital for treatment, with one requiring surgery.

Belongings were smashed and looted. The mob left, warning the Church must close down or they will kill the Pastor and his family.

Incident reported to the Wewalwatte Police post.

Please pray for those who were injured and for the Pastor. Pray also that justice will prevail.

Sinhapura, Trincomalee District

It is reported that Christians in the village are being denied membership in the village Maranadhara Samithiya (local society formed by the community to helps members with funeral expenses if there is a death in the family) because they are Christians.

Please pray for this community and for the leadership of the society, that they will stop this unfair practice.