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ICC NOTE: Islamic extremism makes its way to Australia through books on that incite terrorism. Two were just recently banned.

Islamic books banned for inciting terror

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Tuesday Jul 11

Two Islamic books have been banned after the Classification Review Board found they incited terrorism.

The books, Defence of the Muslim Lands, and Join the Caravan, have been refused classification and can no longer be sold within Australia or imported into the country.

Last year, an Islamic book store at Lakemba, in Sydney ‘s west, was accused of selling the now-banned books.

Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock sought the review last month after the classification board found the books and a film did not breach Australian law, and federal police could find no grounds to prosecute the booksellers.

Six other Islamic books and a film were reviewed and cleared for sale.

The review board said in a statement that Defence of the Muslim Lands “promotes and incites in matters of crime, specifically terrorism acts, including the plan, action and execution of martyrdom operations”.

“The book is specific and explicit in its support for and encouragement of suicide bombing, including details for undertaking such crimes,” the board said.

The second book, Join the Caravan, also “has the objective purpose of promoting and inciting acts of terrorism against disbelievers and is a real and genuine call to specific action by Muslims to fight for Allah and engage in acts of violence”.