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India Hindu Militants Threaten Massive Rape And Killing Of Orphans

7/6/2006 India (BosNewsLife) In an open letter to India ‘s President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the leader of advocacy group Global Council of Indian Christians, Sajan K. George, said the attack against the girls, who were all under 18, took place in an Emmanuel Mission International (EMI) orphanage in the city of Kota .

He said the attack began at around 2300 hours local time when the “perpetrators tried to burn down the transformer [of the orphanage]” and to kill and rape the girls. However the fire spread out inviting the attention of many persons,” George wrote in the letter obtained by BosNewsLife.

“The uncontrolled fire” therefore “saved the lives of over 150 orphan girls.” He suggested that the Hindu authorities were encouraging tensions as they “were trying to extract false complaints against Emmanuel Orphanages” amid anger over the Christian support for Dalits, who are considered to be the “lowest caste” in India ’s ancient system of Hinduism. Several Hindu groups have also complained about the spread of Christianity among Dalits.

Samuel Thomas was released in May on bail after 47 days in prison under charges related to alleged anti-Hindu activities and “forced conversions” while his father had received an arrest warrant on similar accusations, including the publication of a perceived anti-Hindu book. Both have denied any involvement in the book. The book ‘Haqikat’ or “a bunch of truths”, was written by a Kerala attorney, M.J. Matthew. He is currently in hiding in South India after death threats.

The government has defended its actions saying it follows the law, which would ban people from being converted to another religion against their will. However critics claim the unclear legislation is an attempt by the BJP-led government to curb evangelical Christianity in the state and mission groups such as EMI.

He urged the deployment of central reserve police to protect the properties of Emmanuel and those working and living in its different institutions. EMI is involved in several humanitarian activities and leads a native church movement that supports 10,000 orphans. It is supported by Hopegivers International, a US-based mission group.

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