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Sulawesi: Protestant Church attacked in Poso

by Benteng Reges

ICC NOTE: While this bomb was actually empty and didn’t harm anyone, it was still alarming, and if anything signifies a threat. The past two months have been rather uneventful in Indonesia , and the government claims the situation between Muslims and Christians is becoming more peaceful. The ICC wants to believe this, yet we are careful to be naïve of the reality of the situation. Continue to pray for the safety of Christians in Indonesia , and for their courage to withstand adversity amidst the Muslim majority.

3 July, 2006


Poso (AsiaNews) – Terror struck Christians in Poso in the Indonesian province of central Sulawesi on Saturday, 1 July, when a bomb hit the protestant Pentecost church of Eklesia . The loud explosion that took place in the late evening did not kill or injure anyone, but it kept residents awake around Pulau Seram street, the location of the religious building.

Yesterday, Paul Purkowo, commander of the special task force for central Sulawesi , said the bomb was homemade and did not contain any metal materials. “It is an empty bomb that only caused a loud blast.”

Everything appeared to be as usual in the city yesterday: traffic and public transport services were regular. All the Christian communities went to mass. Maritje, a citizen of Poso, said: “People appear to be ignoring what happened on Saturday night and right now, Christians and Muslims (who were fighting each other at one time) are co-existing peacefully.”

“Ties between Christians and Muslims are improving and no one is interested any longer in reviving old tensions,” said a fruit and vegetable vendor at a market in Poso. Only yesterday, the governor of central Sulawesi inaugurated a monument to peace in Poso.

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