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ICC NOTE: There are 37 other individuals from Egypt that are facing the same fate in Canada.

Family: We face death in Egypt


A terrified Egyptian family is fighting deportation from Canada claiming they’ll be tortured and killed if removed for converting from Islam to Christianity.

Joe Saleh and his wife Chris, both 25, are being deported with their Canadian-born son, Sam, 4, in three weeks, according to immigration officials.

The family came to Toronto from the U.S. in 2001 and filed refugee claims alleging they’ll be persecuted for converting to Coptic Christianity.


He said under sharia law in Egypt Muslims can be killed for converting to other religions.

“My wife is still in shock about what is happening,” Saleh said. “We were seeking freedom to come here and worship Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Majed El Shafie, of the human rights group One Free World International, said there are 37 Egyptian Muslims who’ve converted to Christianity now facing deportation from Canada .

He said about three of them have gone underground to avoid being sent home.

“These people are considered traitors and infidels for converting,” El Shafie said yesterday.

“I know for a fact that (the Saleh) family will be tortured or jailed.”