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New EU Resolution Passed to Bring North Korea to Book

ICC NOTE: This new resolution is a big step forward: “it confronts the severe repression of religious freedom…” The ICC, like other Christian groups, is thrilled to see that the EU is addressing the human rights violations occurring in North Korea . The situation has gotten so bad in North Korea that international intervention is completely necessary. Those around the world aware of such human rights abuses must speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Posted on June 22, 2006

By The Universe Newsroom

Christian groups have welcomed the adoption by the European Parliament of a new resolution that will impose harsh penalties on the regime in North Korea for continued human rights abuses.
The Human Rights Urgency Resolution, past last week, also confronts the severe repression of religious freedom and the punishment of those involved in religious activities and the restrictions on freedom of information, association and assembly imposed on those living north of the 38th parallel.
“The resolution demonstrates the increased resolve in Europe and the international community to address this situation, considered by many to be the most serious human rights concern in the world today,” said Elizabeth Batha from Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

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