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ICC note– The Taliban had long disintegrated when the interim government was established in 2002 as part of the process to end the rule of a fundamental Islamic Organization but remnants of the group still exist. It is interesting to note that for the youth of Pakistan , Taliban still holds the key to a better and brighter future. More and more young people still turn to this radical Islamic group for reform in their society.

Why the Taliban appeal to Pakistani youth

(Christian Science Monitor) 6/16/2006- Imran Gul would like to see a better future for the tribal youth of his corner of Pakistan, but most days he only sees military helicopters returning from Waziristan, ferrying wounded and dead. Casualties in the conflicts along the Afghan border serve as a reminder that the tribal system, once strong and proud, is now falling apart.

History and war have slowly eaten away its edifice, and Mr. Gul worries that what the tribal system can no longer provide young people – peace, income, a sense of purpose, a social network – a new and rising force can: the Taliban.

“Due to poverty, young people have no activities,” says Gul, program director of the Sustainable Participation Development Program, a nongovernmental organization in Banu, just outside North Waziristan . “They do not want to join the Taliban. But their sympathies are with the Taliban to bring peace to our area”…. [Go to Full Article]