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ICC note– Hindu fundamentalism has become a growing concern in India with the latest murder of a preacher in Andhra Pradesh. Members of Bajrang Dal and other extremist groups continue to threaten Christian workers and villagers forcing them to stop prayer meetings and worship services.

Hindu activists chase away pastors from prayer meet in Karnataka

(AICC) 6/12/2006- Hindu fundamentalists threatened a group of believers and chased away two pastors from a fasting prayer meeting at Thovaracare village in Tumkur district of Karnataka on 8 June 2006. When Pastors Ravi and Umesh were conducting a fasting prayer meeting, about seven Bajarag Dal members came to the venue. They threatened the two Pastors and chased them away, warning them not to come to the place again. “If you come here, we will kill you,” they said…. [Go to Full Story]