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Living Bread Church in Jericho set ablaze for the third time
By Michael Ireland
JERICHO (ANS) — A building housing an Evangelical Christian ministry in Jericho was recently torched by Arab neighbors, apparently Muslims angered over the group’s religious activities in the ancient biblical city.

The Living Bread Church , located in a Palestinian refugee camp on the edge of town, was deliberately set on fire in early June by neighbors opposed to the ministry, burning 25 percent of the house after a church service and rendering the entire building unusable, according to a report from the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) sent to ANS.

Pastor Karen Dunham, who founded Living Bread three years ago, was upbeat regarding the latest in a series of attacks on her base of operations, telling friends and supporters in an alert that “we are a church on fire.”

The fire marked the third time the building has been set ablaze in the past three years. Dunham arrived in Jericho three years ago to start a local church and has seen dozens of Muslims convert to Christianity despite the threats. No further details were available.