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ICC note– The Chin and Karen ethnic groups of Burma have a majority Christian population. These predominantly Christian groups have been fleeing to India , where they live as refugees, due to religious and cultural persecution by the Burmese military regime.

Burmese Refugees in New Delhi : Self-Sufficiency Goals Not Being Met

(Reuters) 6/7/2006- Many of the estimated 1,800 Burmese refugees and asylum seekers in New Delhi, India, are facing homelessness after sudden evictions, over-crowded housing, struggling to earn money for basic survival, encountering verbal and physical harassment on the streets, and are misunderstood by other communities. The majority of Burmese refugees in Delhi are from the Chin ethnic group of western Burma ; others are from Kachin, Rakhine and Burman groups. The predominantly Christian Chin refugees have been fleeing to India for more than a decade citing religious and cultural persecution and human rights violations by the Burmese military regime. Currently there are estimated to be at least 50,000 Burmese in India , largely from the Chin group in the Indian state of Mizoram, and on average 35-45 asylum seekers have been arriving in Delhi per month in 2006…. [Go to Full Story]