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Support mounts for three Catholics on death row in Sulwesi

ICC NOTE: This is an important step forward the three Catholics because now they have a greater opportunity for justice to be carried out. Indonesian police and government officials are usually not willing to slow a trial in process in order to make more investigations. This is a great sign of hope for the three Catholics. This will also allow for another opportunity to review the events of the violence in Poso in 200 and detect who the guilty party really is.


June 5

Police and regional and national leaders say the three men should collaborate with the justice authorities to clarify the reasons behind the conflict.

by Benteng Reges

Palu (AsiaNews) – Indonesian police and government officials, who had made forceful calls for the execution of three Catholic convicts, are having second thoughts. The three Catholics were condemned to death for their role in inter-faith clashes that erupted in Poso in 2000. The police chief of Central Sulawesi, Oegroseno, and the Prosecutor’s Office of the same province, have been joined by an increasing number of people convinced that Fabianus Tibo, Marinus Riwa and Dominggus da Silva have a crucial role to play in shedding light on the conflict.

The three men were accused of masterminding a massacre of 200 Muslims in the context of wider clashes between Christians and Muslims that took place between 1998 and 2001.

– all called for serious investigations into sectarian violence in Poso, including the so-called M9 incidents (attacks by the Red Army of Protestant Christians), for which Tibo was charged with responsibility;

– the execution of Tibo and his friends should be postponed until investigations are completed (this means the three Catholics are key witnesses to shed light on the Poso incidents).

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