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Uzbek authorities close down U.S.-funded aid group for alleged proselytizing

ICC Note: This article is evidence that the Uzbek government will not overlook any Christian evangelizing within the Uzbek borders. This ex-Soviet republic is cracking-down on Western organizations out of fear that they will try to conduct hidden missionary activity. The government is doing every thing possible to keep the gospel from its predominantly Islamic nation.

Mainichi Daily News

June 1, 2006

TASHKENT , Uzbekistan — A court in Uzbekistan has ordered a U.S.-funded education aid group to close for allegedly trying to convert people in the predominantly Muslim country to Christianity, a government-run Web site said Thursday.
Global Involvement Through Education was the latest organization to be closed amid a continuing crackdown on foreign nonprofit groups in this ex-Soviet republic.
The Tashkent City Court ruled Wednesday that the organization was conducting missionary activity among young people and other unspecified violations, the statement said, citing the Justice Ministry.
Four English language teachers from the group were fined in April for what authorities said was efforts to convert students to “a religion of Protestant character.”
Authorities have waged a campaign against Western-funded aid groups and media in recent years, accusing them of supporting dissidents. The crackdown intensified after the 2005 uprising in Andijan that was brutally suppressed by government troops.
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