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Expert Thinks Evangelical Christianity Could End Chinese Communists’ Rule


ICC NOTE: This article gives a general overview of the rise in evangelical Christianity in China . The Chinese people are no longer satisfied with the radical nationalism of Maoism that lingers in the CCP rule, and are therefore turning to Christianity for fulfillment. Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism are three examples of religions in China that do not offer a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They are more impersonal. Christianity, therefore, is a fresh and satisfying alternative.

By Chad Groening
May 31, 2006

An American anti-Communist activist says he is encouraged by a recent report that after years of atheism, the Chinese people are returning to religion. He believes that is going to be an increasing problem for the Chinese Communist Party.

“The Chinese people are suffering a crisis of faith,” McGuire contends. “As one would expect, Maoism has not brought them fulfillment of any kind. They’re now relying on radical nationalism, the CCP is, in order to survive, and that’s exactly the sort of thing that only works temporarily.”

But while the Communist regime looks to nationalistic fervor for salvation, the activist says the Chinese people are returning to the very thing the government fears — religion. “What we now see is a people, the Chinese people, crying out for faith, crying out for fulfillment,” he explains. “And they’re finding it, increasingly, in Christianity.”

“What makes Christianity different,” the head of the China Support Network notes, “in particular evangelical Christianity — and I say this as someone who was born and raised Catholic — [is that] evangelical Christianity is connected but it’s decentralized, which makes it much harder for the communists to stamp out and remove.”

Because of the structure of China ‘s underground Christian church in cells or house church communities rather than a centralized “head” that can be easily cut off, McGuire says he believes evangelical Christianity will eventually lead to the end of Communist Party rule in China . He believes this is one reason why the Communist Chinese regime is so afraid of the church.

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