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ICC Note: This is an opinion piece from the Oregon Statesman Journal. It is insightful and dead on.

Kosovo not the ideal country columnist claims

May 31, 2006

Regarding the May 22 commentary by Ron Eachus, “Kosovo is an example of nation-building done properly,” Mr. Eachus mentions that many Americans don’t know where Kosovo is. He likewise appears to know very little about that part of the world. He’s overly euphoric about Kosovo being some sort of fine example in nation-building. Total nonsense.

Since the U.S.-led NATO 78-day “humanitarian” bombing campaign and takeover in 1999, Kosovo has descended into a crime-infested, ethnically cleansed, intolerant entity, thanks to the reckless actions of the Clinton administration. Over 150 Christian holy places have been either desecrated, severely damaged or completely destroyed by marauding bands of Kosovo’s Albanian Moslems, while Islamic mosques are being erected in rapid-fire fashion. Most of the ancient Christian monasteries and churches still standing are protected 24/7 by NATO troops. The remaining Christian Serbs and other minorities are confined within barbed wire-enclosed ghettos, without even basic human rights or freedom of movement.

Kosovo’s Albanians “love” the U.S. , i.e. as long as they get their own independent Islamic state in Europe .

Mr. Eachus totally missed the mark. Kosovo is anything but a good example of nation building. Perhaps the U.S. should mind its own backyard rather than messing up other countries.