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ICC note- Peter Ford explores how christians around the world are opting for different ways to reiterate that ‘Da Vinci Code’ is fiction and not

World’s churches seek best ways to counter the ‘Code’

Peter Ford

Christian Science Monitor (5/26/2006)- “In one respect they all agree: ignoring it is not an option.

Beyond that almost self-evident truth, however, church leaders worldwide are divided over just how they should respond to “The Da Vinci Code,” as the blockbuster film opened around the planet last week.”

“Some are demanding that censors ban the film, or cut scenes that they say undermine Christian beliefs. Others are angrily advocating boycotts to protest what they see as an attack on the Roman Catholic Church. And then again, priests from both the Protestant and Catholic traditions are seizing the occasion as a “teachable moment,” to put God and Christ on the agenda…. [Go to Full Article]