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ICC Note:
We don’t post this article to make fun of Islam but rather to expose readers to the nature of fundamentalist Islam. The practice of honor killing is quite accepted and common in Pakistan , Iran , Saudi and other places. The point is that if this is how Islam treats its daughters, it is no suprise that they persecute infidels like Christians.

Pakistan : Muslim Honor Killing – 14 Year Old Girl Dies

The Pakistan Dawn is reporting the case of a 14 year old girl, who died in her hospital bed early yesterday morning.

Noor Jehan had been shot five times, about a month ago, on April 18. She had been shot in the stomach, leg, knee and arm in Gadap, near Karachi , the victim of an attempted honor killing.

Her relatives had accused her of having premarital sex, and apparently those who shot her were two of her cousins, Khadim and Sajan Lolai. After shooting Noor, her attackers left her in a ditch.

After the shooting, she had said: “They shot me with several bullets…I fell into the ditch and they drove away. They thought I was dead but…somehow I got the strength to come out.”

Noor was taken to the Jinnah hospital, but on Sunday her condition deteriorated and she finally died, from complications arising from a stomach infection.

The reasons for her attempted (and now successful) murder are twofold. Police claimed that her cousins had plotted to kill Noor after she had asked her father permission to marry Khadim, a young man who was on a police “wanted” list for murder and kidnapping for ransom cases. Her father refused, and then her cousins started to accuse Noor of having sexual relations with the son of the landlord of her father’s farm in Ratu Dero.

According to Fox News (with a hat tip to The Religion of Peace), Noor’s body was taken to a morgue on Sunday, but so far, no family members have claimed it. Cruel.

The Daily Times also reports on a tragic incident befalling another 14-year old in Karachi , this time a boy. The teenager was doused in gasoline and set alight outside a restaurant in Karachi city in broad daylight. The attack happened at 2.30 pm local time, and the boy was taken to hospital at 3.05, where he was found to be suffering 98% burns. It was not until 7.25 pm that police were informed of the case.

We reported on the case of a woman who had her lips and nose cut off by her husband and her brother. An update from Dawn states that the attackers of 18-year old Ayesha had also tried to cut off her arms. Her husband, Eisa Khan Khosa and his brother had been arrested. Dawn now states that the father of the two men has also been arrested, according to police sources.

In Islamabad , the capital, today a conference was held to discuss the national disgrace of honor killing, which claims the lives of between 1000 and 1500 individuals, mostly women, every year in Pakistan . The Daily Times reports that the conference, entitled “We Can End Honour Killing” was attended by representatives of various NGOs, including Oxfam, and civil rights activists and community leaders.

Members said that political parties should make honour killings top of their agendas in the elections to be held next year. The figures accepted for honor killings include only those that are reported, delegates claimed. The true figure is far higher. According to the media reports available, between January and April this year, 158 women and 56 men had been killed nationally in honor killings, known as Karo Kiri. In North-West Frontier Province , a total of 76 women and men had been killed this year.

Honor killings and “compensation marriages” known as vani only became illegal at the start of last year. We reported on these on April 6 this year. Due to a clause known as “compoundability” relatives of the victim of an honour killing can legally be bribed by the murderer in such a case, and if the bribe is accepted, the honor-killer can walk free.

We also reported on the case of Mukhtar Mai, the woman from a village in Punjab province, whose 12 year old brother had been seen walking with a girl of a different caste. For this crime, a panchayat or Muslim village court ordered that Mukhtar Mai should be gang-raped. The cae drew international attention, and six of those who had raped her were given death sentences. However, in March, these men were freed on appeal.

The Daily Times reports that Mukhtar Mai, who was listed by Time magazine as among its 100 most influential people, attended a celebrity dinner in New York . Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Nader, Will Smith, Condoleeza Rice and others were at the event. Apparently, Mukhtar was not too impressed by celebrity. “I know no-one and know of no-one”, she said through her translator. Then she raised her hand to her mouth and yawned