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ICC note- The situation in Burma has long been an area of concern with the oppressive rule of Burma’s military Junta. Millions of Karanese are massacred even as Burma uses the religious card to play its political game. Most Karanese are Christians.

16,000 forced from homes as generals try to annihilate resistance

John Aglionby in Ei Tu Hta

The Guardian 5/23/2006- Members of the aid organization Free Burma Rangers at the Thai border, treat Naw Eh Ywe Paw, a nine-year-old Karen girl shot by Burmese army soldiers during an attack. This is just one of several instances taking place in Burma against the Karen community. After years of barely noticed operations against the Karen National Union (KNU), the ethnic minority’s resistance movement, Burma ‘s junta has launched its biggest offensive in Karen state since 1997. The army’s operations are seen as a bid to annihilate the largest of the half-dozen ethnic minority fighting forces ranged against it. The Karen group has a largely Christian constituency… [Go to full Story]